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CREOSON Overview and Benefits

CREOSON is an Approved OpenSource initiative by Simplified Logic, Inc. specifically to promote automation of PTC's CREO Parametric.
CREOSON uses simple JSON Requests to send commands/functions to CREO.
JSON Responses are contain to the results of your requests.
  • Simple Interface
  • Use ANY Programming/Scripting Language
  • Local or Remote Execution over a Network
  • Highly Optimized - Wildcard Friendly!
  • Easy-to-Learn / Apply!
  • Active Community / Contributors
  • NO Creo Modeling Kernel Knowledge Required!
  • NO Licensing Fees (BUT, you can buy us coffee)

Works with ANY Language!

Yes - ANY Language that Supports HTTP Requests can use CREOSON!
Here are just a few exmaples:

Easy Enterprise Integration

Easily Integrate Creo Parametric with External Applications and Business Systems using CREOSON's HTTP Service Interface!

CREOSON Function Groups

CREOSON includes the following Command Groups w/ 150+ Optimized/Flexible JSON Functions!
The core functionality in CREOSON has been the foundation for commercial Creo Automation Applications like Nitro-CELL, Nitro-BOM and Nitro-PROGRAM for the past 15+ years.
CREOSON commands are simplified, optimized, wildcard-friendly and do not require any knowledge of the PTC modeling kernel or APIs to be able to do amazing things quicky.
Below are the main function groups available within CREOSON. Each function group has many functions and options to enable you to achieve your goals.
  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Connection
  • Creo
  • Dimension
  • Drawing
  • Family Table
  • Feature
  • File
  • Geometry
  • Interface
  • Layer
  • Object (generic handler)
  • Parameters
  • View
  • Server
  • Windchill

Getting Started

Here are a few overview videos of how to get up and running quickly with CREOSON to start automating Creo Parametric!

Common Use Cases

Build / Design / Assemble / Configure-To-Order

Batch Processing

Standards Validation

Design Standardization

Cost Estimation / CPQ

Item Reuse

Top-Down / Bottom-Up Design Automation

Enterprise Integration

BOM Extraction / Validation

CAD/CAM Automation

Drawing Automation / Cleanup

Library Optimization Automation


What will you use it for?

Remote Execution Example

Pre-Packaged Distributions / Libraries

The CREOSON Server and JLINK are required to automate Creo Parametric.
ANY Scripting / Programming Language can communicate with CREOSON
using simple JSON Transactions HTTP POST requests after the CREOSON Server is running!
Below are the main packaged distribution and libraries that are compatible with CREOSON.


  • CREOSON Setup Application
  • CREOSON Micro-Server
  • Embedded Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    • NO NEED to download/localize Java!
      (Java is baked-in)
  • 32-bit or 64-bit Download Options
  • Access to Source Code!
  • Creo Parametric 3.0 or Later
    • Best Coverage:
      Creo 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0
  • PTC JLINK Interface Installed
    • FREE w/ Creo Parametric


  • PYTHON Library for CREOSON
  • Access to Source Code!
  • CREOSON Server
  • PYTHON Scripting Environment


Included within the main CREOSON Distribution (assets folder)
  • Javascript Client Library for CREOSON
  • Access to Source Code!
Compatible With

Commercial Automation Options

Get more functionality using Excel

If you don't have the skills or time to learn CREOSON, but want the benefits - we offer some off-the-shelf options!

Our commercial products offer advanced functionality, unparalleled ease of use. You only require basic knowledge of Creo Parametric and Microsoft Excel to do some amazing things quickly!

Please consider these options for your automation needs!

Nitro-CELL uses Excel to create automation workflows for Creo Parametric!

Leverage all the power of Excel to document and leverage your knowledge for the purposes of automating Creo product designs, documentation and data-flows.

Learn More →

Nitro-BOM extracts Creo Assembly BOM data directly to Excel.

Create/modify/delete parameters in Excel and import changes back to Creo!

Easily connect BOM Data with your Enterprise Data for Cost Analysis, Data Quality and Migration.

Learn More →

Nitro-PROGRAM is a Graphical Pro/PROGRAM Editor for Creo Parametric.

One-Click Export/Import

Drag-and-Drop Logic Statements

Advanced Relations Editor

Learn More →
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Consulting Services

We have been automating and integrating business environments with Creo Parametric for 20+ years!
If you need consulting / development services using CREOSON
reach out and we can connect you to the right people and technology!