Welcome to OpenSource Automation for PTC's CREO Parametric!

This is an Open Source Initiative by Simplified Logic, Inc.

Downloading and Running CREOSON is EASY!

How to ... Download / UnZip / Run!

CREOSON is available as a Pre-Packaged Distribution

CREOSON is available as 32-bit, or 64-bit, Pre-Packaged "click-and-run" Distribution.
Note: IF you have 64-bit CREO you must use 64-bit CREOSON

The Pre-Packaged Distribution contains the following:

  • Embedded Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    - No need to download/localize Java on your Machine - its baked in!
  • CREOSON Configuration Application
    - Pick your CREO Parametric Installation - Start the CREOSON Micro-Server - Launch and Interact with CREOSON Documentation + Playground!


Download CREOSON Releases

What is CREOSON?!

Example: Driving CREO from a Web Page

(ahem, without WebLink)

What's Next?

After you have downloaded CREOSON and started the CREOSON Micro-Server, please open the CREOSON Documentation, check out the Playground, and then dig into the CREOSON Functions and Example Transactions.

Remember, you can use ANY programming/scripting language you want to manipulate CREO Parametric using CREOSON using JSON requests over HTTP.

The CREOSON documentation has some language-specific JSON transaction references that you may find useful.

If you are NOT a programmer, don't worry! Once you figure out the JSON request basics in your language of choice, you can do amazing things quickly with CREOSON.